New York Muskies Inc. Chapter 69 was established in 2012 with the purpose of giving its anglers and supporters a stronger voice in New York State. Supporting the surrounding bodies of the esox populated waters and educating its anglers with the goal of promoting successful catch & release.

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Muskies Inc Mission Statement

Muskies Inc. is an active, service-oriented, non-profit organization with the single focus of improving the sport of muskie fishing for men, women and children.

Our mission is to unite all muskie fishing interests for the promotion and protection of a high quality muskellunge sport fishery in the United States and Canada.

We will accomplish this by supporting conservation practices and research based on sound scientific merit, and carried out by authorized federal or state agencies, appropriate academic institutions, Muskies Inc. chapters, and their members.

We are committed to the abatement of water pollution; maintenance of records for muskies habits, growth and range and the dissemination of muskie information to every one.

Adopted, April 2002

We are looking to grow our membership both upstate & downstate, instate and out of state with conservation minded individuals seeking goals similar to ours listed below:

NY Muskies Inc Chapter 69 GOALS

  • To promote a high quality muskellunge sport fishery;
  • To support selected conservation practices based on scientific merit and carried out by authorized federal and state agencies;
  • To promote muskellunge research;
  • To establish hatcheries and rearing ponds and introduce the species into suitable waters;
  • To support the abatement of water pollution;
  • To maintain records of habits, growth, and range of species;
  • To disseminate muskellunge information;
  • To promote good fellowship and sportsmanship among men, women and children;

If this sounds like something that you would be interested in, we openly invite you consider joining the NY Muskies Inc Chapter 69! We look forward to hearing from you!